Product Features

  • PREMIUM, HIGH DENSITY ABDOMINAL MAT provides stability, constant tension, and a full range of motion which regular crunches do not provide ensuring that you are able to get a full extension when doing sit-ups or crunches, working out the full range of your abdominals while having constant back support without putting too much stress on your back; Great for crossfit core training
  • A SAFE, LIGHT AND PORTABLE DESIGN THAT REQUIRES NO SET UP and can be taken anywhere with you; Stays firm and won't slide or wobble so you can focus on the workout instead of worrying about stabilizing your body; Also can be used effectively to stretch your back and release tension
  • FULL 6 PACK ISOLATION; Provides complete isolation of your ab muscles during crunches, leg lifts and sit-ups; You will not feel your lower back or hip flexors working thus making this your most effective ab workout that you can use anywhere, anytime
  • THE ABDOMINAL MAT'S CURVED SHAPE MIMICS THE CURVED SHAPE OF YOUR SPINE allowing your abs to get a proper stretch on the bottom portion of the movement followed by a complete contraction at the top of the movement
  • REMOVES THE LIMITATION OF STANDARD AB WORKOUTS because with standard non-ABdominal Mat floor crunches and sit ups the biggest issue limiting the isolation of your abs is that the hip flexors join in to assist the abs with performing the movement; The ABdominal Mat isolates the abs and takes the hip flexors completely out of the equation so that you can do perfect reps; Great for crunches, sit ups, leg raises and extremely high repetitions; This ABdominal Mat is very durable and sturdy and everything you need in an ab accessory truly making it the perfect addition to any workout
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Product Description

How does the Nayoya ABdominal Mat take standard crunches, sit ups and leg raises to the next level?

The Nayoya ABdominal Mat provides comforting, arched back support during sit ups without putting stress on your back allowing you do perform more repetitions without getting lower back pain. This premium, high quality mat is great for performing ab exercises and increases the effectiveness of standard floor crunches. If you are used to performing ab crunches on a hard floor that results in lower back pain do not worry.

The sleek design contours to your back’s natural shape giving your core support and stability without sliding around on the floor and ensures that you abs perform in their full range of motion, from stretched position to contracted position which is typically limited without this mat due to the floor’s flat surface.

Using the Nayoya Abdominal Mat ensures your abs perform the way they were meant to perform with a full range of motion allowing you to perform more repetitions to feel the burn without fatiguing.

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