Much focus is given to the abdominal area when it comes to personal fitness training programs. The fact that a number of ab exercises and training programs exist all over the world stands as a testament to this.
Here are the five of the most effective ab exercises, as part of the American Council on Exercise’s study in finding the most effective of ab exercises.

The Bicycle Ab Exercise

Primarily targeting the six pack area, the rectus abdominis, and the waist, the obliques, the bicycle exercise is known to be the most effective of ab exercises. It is successfully accomplished by first, lying face up on the floor, with one’s hands behind his/her head, followed by bringing the knees towards one’s chest, lifting the shoulder blades off the ground. After that, straightening the left leg while twisting one’s upper body to let the left elbow to meet with the right knee follows. Doing this continuously, while switching sides from left to right, for twelve to sixteen repetitions, completes the bicycle exercise.

The Captain’s Chair Ab Exercise

Being the second most effective ab exercise, the Captain’s Chair basically still focuses on the rectus abdominis and the obliques area of a body. Equipment for the Captain’s Chair exercise is commonly found in most gyms and health clubs. To successfully do the exercise, one must first stand on a chair and hold handhold areas for stability. Pressing one’s back against a flat surface, the exerciser must then lift his/her legs, allowing the knees to reach the exerciser’s chest. Doing this without arching one’s back would complete the ab exercise.

Exercise Ball Ab Crunch

A multifunctional exercise equipment, the exercise ball is an excellent aid when it comes to ab exercises. Being the top third ab exercise, an exercise ball ab crunch focuses on the rectus abdominis. Lying face up with the ball supporting one’s lower back would be the first step in successfully accomplishing the exercise ball ab crunch. Crossing one’s arms over one’s chest, or placing them behind one’s head, follows. The third step would then involve the exerciser to lift his/her torso from the ball, keeping the ball stable, without rolling. With one’s lower back down, one’s abs would get a healthy stretch, completing the exercise.

Vertical Leg Abdominal Crunch

Somewhat similar to the bicycle ab exercises, the vertical leg abdominal crunch starts with the exerciser lying face up on the floor, extending his/her legs up, with his/her knees crossed. With the exerciser reaching his/her chest towards his/her feet, while keeping the legs in a fixed position, completes the ab exercise.

The Torso Track Exercise

With the Torso Track Exercise, caution should be given, as an exerciser could injure his/her back if not properly done. The ab exercise starts with the exerciser holding the Torso Track’s handles, and is followed by pulling one’s abs towards one’s torso, completing the exercise.
So that pretty much makes up the five most effective ab exercises. One thing to remember though, ab exercises don’t reduce the fat over the abdomen area, nor do they convert fat into “six pack” abs. Raising one’s metabolism and building more muscles effectively does this. These ab exercises keep the abs trim and fit, not necessarily reduce one’s waistline, or form “washboard abs”.