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    BIGGER LEGS – ADVANCED WEIGHT TRAINING WORKOUTS – GAIN UP TO 1 INCH ON YOUR LEGS WITH 1 DAY WORKOUT- A revival and modernization of the same Legs Workout Routine that was used in the original Bodybuilding Elite. This was one of those weight training secrets that was done in secret by the best of the best.

    10Buck Fitness has modernized this leg Training Routine for today’s advanced bodybuilder, strength training or sports athlete to not only add explosive size to your quads and hamstrings but to conquer sticking points and training plateaus.

    Have you been stuck with the same leg measurements or using the same amount of weight for your squats since you can remember?
    How about your Deadlifts or Lunges for example- hitting sticking points there too?

    This age old legs workout routine incorporates familiar quadriceps and hamstring weight training exercises however- it’s the WAY these exercises are arranged, combined with diet and supplement suggestions to power you to Bigger Legs while blasting through your sticking points and strength training plateaus with ease.

    Within weeks or even days- depending on how long your recovery period is- which is different for everybody- you will reap the benefits of increasing your training weight for not only your leg training workout routine- but also your deadlift and back workouts as well. Your legs are the foundation of any standing weightlifting exercises and strong powerful legs will help with all of those weight training exercises.

    More powerful Legs equals a more powerful Leg Press, Leg Extension, Leg Curls, etc.- any weightlifting exercise that uses your legs both directly and indirectly will improve. This isn’t just another legs Workout Routine- it’s an advanced workout routine for experienced bodybuilders, strength and power-lifters as well as serious athletes.

    This workout routine is the perfect compliment to the other 10Buck Fitness full body Muscle Health and Fitness workout routines. Visit our author page for a detailed list.

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