30 minute circuit training is preferred by many people for keeping their body fit. It is a great calorie burner and anyone can get good benefits in a short period of time. 30 minute circuit training involves high intensity cardio workouts together with strength exercise that involves upper body and lower body. You need not go to gym. Just you have to perform the routine workouts for 30 minutes a day and you will get your desired results.
There is reason behind the name 30 minute circuit training. This circuit training is required for slimming down your body by reducing the fat deposits in various parts of your body. The fat deposition varies greatly for different people. For most of the people, the abdominal fat is a great problem and those who want to reduce their abdominal fat have to do 30 minute circuit training. When you do them beyond 30 minutes, it enters the catabolic stage and instead of burning your body fat, it starts to burn the muscles. So, you must limit the time to 30 minutes.
In your first 30 minute circuit training, you have to warm up with light cardio for 5 minutes, intense cardio exercises such as running and speed walking for 5 minutes and next seven minutes with one minute of each type of exercises such as lunge with bicep curl, triceps kickbacks, squat with triceps, squat with lateral raise, lunge, push ups and sit ups. Then for the next seven minutes, you can repeat these exercises one minute each again or do a different set of exercises, and then you have to cool down and stretch for the last few minutes. Totally, you will be doing only 30 minute circuit training.
If you want to make out the 30 minute circuit training easier, then you have to do each exercise for 30 seconds instead of one minute. You can also make use of heavier weights if you want to make it harder. 30 minute circuit training saves your time considerably. You need not waste your precious time for doing these exercises. All you need is just 30 minutes. In this short duration, you get the great benefits of working out ordinary aerobic exercise for hours together. Though you allot just 30 minutes for your body fitness, you have to do them regularly. You must not skip them. You can put a plan for four weeks and start doing them as per the schedule.